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Ten Thousand Coins is a story-driven merchant adventure about a good-hearted but hopelessly incompetent merchant girl who gets into big trouble with debt. With her loved one’s life at stake, she must somehow gather allies and lead a merchant company in order to pay back 10,000 gold coins.

Ten Thousand Coins aims to be a unique experience that will breath new life into an underappreciated niche genre.


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Dangerous Wilderness

Traverse through the dangerous wilderness and encounter random events.


These events can range from terrain hazardsbandit ambush, or finding abandoned loot.

A Merchant Story

Follow Viia and her bearoon master Vuut Vuut as they embark on their adventure into Grand Emperium to find Viia's homeland. As tragedy strikes, Viia is left with the insurmountable task of earning ten thousand gold coins.

Barter for Wealth

A one-of-a-kind barter system. Barter goods directly with traders to earn a profit. Negotiate good deals, but be careful not to anger your traders.


Sell goods for coins and safely store inside your magical Coin Chest, building up your wealth to meet milestones.

Unique Combat System

Turn-based combat with quick-time interactions, a challenge to both your wits and reflexes.

Explore, Trade, and Earn Ten Thousand Coins

Explore Grand Emperium, travel to various settlements, identify profitable trade routes, survive hazards and hostiles encounters, earn Ten Thousand Coins!


Ten Thousand Coins is currently in Alpha DevelopmentAny game-play or art shown so far is not representative of the final state of the game.

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