In a Nutshell:
Faced with an impossible task and moral dilemmas, a stray merchant fox girl must trade and pay back a mysterious debt of 10,000 gold coins in order to reach her homeland.

Fact Sheet

Developer: Cynthia (Qingxia) Wang, Founder of Thousand Tonic. Based in Auckland, New Zealand. Detailed info here

Genre: Strategy, Trading, RPG, Narrative-driven, Single-Player

Platforms: PC - Windows (Steam)

Other Platforms & Stores - TBD.

Planned Release: TBA

Game Modes: Story Mode, Challenge Mode



Twitter: @10kcoins




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Ten Thousand Coins is a story-driven merchant adventure that will test your sense of strategy and empathy as you make tough decisions for a fox merchant girl aiming to save the life of a loved one.

Moral Choices and Conflict - A heavy emphasis is put into the consequences of the actions you take, reintroducing a humanising element into the trading game genre. For example, would you help a merchant back on their feet and make a new friend, but potentially lose out on a profitable deal, or ignore their cries for help to make sure you come out on top? Would you smuggle illicit goods for some easy coins, despite the negative effects it could have on a town's inhabitants? As you make these choices, you are also pitted against time to save a loved one, creating a sense of urgency to amass as many coins as possible.

Bartering System - More than just buying and selling with currency, Ten Thousand Coins features a system where you can barter goods directly with other traders. Depending on the trader's mood and what each trader needs, different items can have a higher value, therefore knowing what item to offer and when to offer them is the key to a successful trade.

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Alpha Trailer (v0.9.2)